The Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in London

The Ultimate Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in London: Plant-Based Paradise

Do you want to find the best vegan restaurants in London?Look no further! This comprehensive guide will walk you through a culinary adventure to the best vegan restaurants in the city. Our list is designed to cater for everyone, whether you are a dedicated vegan or just keen to try out plant – based dining options in London.

London now is a vegan dining boom which offers a lot of options at the moment. The city has become a paradise for people who look for tasty and creative plant-based meals starting from fashionable plant-based cafes to the luxurious vegan restaurants.

The plant-based food in London is more than just boring or dull types of salads. The talented chefs throughout the city are stimulating the growth of vegan cuisine, providing alternative versions of comfort foods, gourmet flavors from all parts of the globe and guilt-inducing desserts.

London has everything when it comes to being in the mood for a small café that serves vegan-friendly pastries and lattes or an upscale restaurant that offers a plant-based tasting menu. You don’t have to worry about flavor or diversity with our must-try vegan restaurants in London.

So, come along with us as we begin our culinary journey through the colorful streets of London, visiting the best of the best vegan restaurants and embracing the vegan food revolution. From the smart to the casual, let us show you the top vegan dining places in the city.


In search of scrumptious Middle Eastern flavored vegan mezze? Naïfs, a delightful family-run restaurant in the heart of Peckham, is the answer.

At Naïfs, they proud themselves on having an elaborate menu with not only creative but also tasteful dishes to match everyone’s choice. The team is under the guidance of the skilled Chef Tom Heale who has been trained from one of the finest in Vanilla Black to provide an unrivalled dining experience to vegans.

Enter the warm and romantic restaurant, the friendly ambiance marks the beginning of an amazing culinary experience. The small plates inspired by Middle Eastern are designed to tease the palette and reveal the elegance of plant-based dining.

They have a variety of dishes that consist of savory falafel sliders and lively beetroot hummus to jackfruit tagines and aromatic za’atar roasted cauliflower.

If you are an old-time vegan or just want to experience the world of vegan dining, Naïfs is the place that you should visit. Come and taste one of the outstanding meals which will leave you licking your plate.

En Root at The Railway Tavern

En Root at The Railway Tavern is a vegan restaurant that outshines the rest when it comes to Indian-inspired comfort food in Tulse Hill. Having several sites and committed to providing tasty meal options for vegans, En Root has grown into a favorite of vegans who want to eat what looks good and is satisfying.

En Root’s menu is a shout-out of flavors, a combination of the greatest of Indian dishes in a creative manner. You will feel the welcoming surroundings of the restaurant from the first moment you enter.

The plantain chaat at En Root is one of the dishes that will surely stand out with its crispy plantain, tart tamarind chutney, and refreshing yogurt. The flavors blend together beautifully, making a pleasing and satisfying dish.

the Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in London

For something salty, the tandoori oyster mushroom wings are an ideal choice. One cannot help but drool over these excellent smoky grilled mushroom wings that have been perfectly seasoned as a vegan alternative to a favorite classic.

The jerk dosas are a real treat for anyone eager to try a peculiar fusion dish. This rolls the Indian spice flavors together with the Jamaican jerk seasoning highlights, and are served in a delicious vegetable medly with coconut chutney for an unforgettable flavor explosion.

Root’s commitment to offering the vegan diners a remarkable dining experience is visible in all their dishes. Either vegan or just planning to experiment with the world of vegan food, En Root at The Railway Tavern seems to be a place you must visit if you are looking for the delicious Indian-style comfort food in Tulse Hill.

Sisterwoman at Moko

Sisterwoman is the place for contemporary vegan soul food. Situated in the busy Moko hi-fi bar, smack in the center of Tottenham, this vegan restaurant is a new and exciting dining experience for you and your taste buds.

Sisterwoman is the home of Chef Safiya Robinson, who makes amazing meals that involve classic comfort foods with new flavors. Enjoy the cheesiness of grits gourmand, topped with jerk grilled oyster mushrooms, and drizzled with hibiscus scotch bonnet chili oil. Every mouthful is a perfect combination of textures and tastes that will make you want to eat more.

Get into the lively and friendly vibe of Sisterwoman and feel the pure pleasure of dieting delicious plant based food. Every single aspect of Sisterwoman, from perfectly plated dishes to flawless service, shows their commitment in making every meal a proper dining experience.

Sisterwoman’s modern vegan soul food is a great choice for vegans as well as for those who are just looking to try something different. Book, and start the gastronomic experience, which will keep you full and fulfilled.

Vegan Restaurants in London


Tendril is a small plates vegan restaurant situated almost across the street from Oxford Circus, providing veggie eating in a warm and inviting space. Under the leadership of chef Rishim Sachdeva, Tendril is famous for its creative and mouth-watering dishes, which bring out the beauty of vegan cuisine.

The main purpose of Tendril is to develop the dining enjoyment of plant-based ingredients. They offer a selection of small plates, which are ideal for sharing and, therefore, allow diners to sample a large variety of dishes.

The sesame-speckled purple sweet potatoes is one of their top specialities that is really an eye-catcher, a dish in which the natural sweetness of the potatoes is mixed with the nuttiness of sesame seeds. The mouth-watering ferments bring a tangy and cooling note to the dish, a perfect mixture of flavors.

The quality of ingredients they use is apparent in every plate they produce. They give a great deal of preference to the locally grown produce and partner with the sustainable suppliers to bring the freshest and most flavorsome ingredients into their kitchen.

Dining at Tendril, you will be entertained with friendly and attentive service in a comfortable ambience. Tendril is a convenient and delightful option for both vegan food aficionados and curious guests looking to venture into plant-based dining options near Oxford Circus.

Sample Tendril Menu:

Roasted Cauliflower SteakDeliciously seasoned and perfectly caramelized cauliflower steak served with a tangy romesco sauce.$12
Wild Mushroom RisottoCreamy Arborio rice simmered with a medley of wild mushrooms, finished with truffle oil and fresh herbs.$14
Beetroot TartareA vibrant and refreshing dish featuring finely diced beets marinated in tangy citrus dressing, served with avocado cream and crispy shallots.$10
Charred BroccoliTender broccoli florets lightly charred and tossed in a zesty lemon-garlic dressing, topped with toasted almonds.$8
Chocolate MousseA velvety smooth and rich chocolate mousse made with the finest dark chocolate, served with a dollop of coconut whipped cream.$9


The vegan restaurant scene in London is booming with plenty of choices for the lovers of plant-based food. Catering to all tastes, whether the guest is a strict vegan or an adventurous epicure, the capital has something for everyone.

From the established places such as Naïfs and En Root to the recently opened among which Sisterwoman and Tendril, there are plenty of vegan eating delights in London. Naïfs is a cosy family-run vegan restaurant that does small plates Middle Eastern-inspired style and is located in Peckham. At The Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill, En Root provides excellent Indian inspired comfort food that is full of flavor. Sisterwoman at Moko in Tottenham, provides contemporary vegan soul food that will excite your palate. Tendril, a vegan small-plated restaurant close to Oxford Circus, offers a variety of creative dishes that are served in a calm and relaxing environment.

Go on a delicious journey across the lively streets of London and find the plant-based paradise awaiting you. London’s growing vegan restaurant culture allows diners to explore cruelty-free dining experiences that are impressive and satisfying. Hence, if you are a Londoner or in the capital, do not miss the chance to access vegan cuisine in London.

While we’ve explored some of the most exciting vegan dining options London has to offer, the culinary adventure doesn’t stop here. For those eager to discover even more, including the top-rated restaurant that’s captured the hearts of foodies citywide, take a closer look at the Best London Restaurants for 2024.

FAQ about the top Vegan Restaurants in London

What type of cuisine does Naïfs offer?

Naïfs is a vegan restaurant in Peckham that offers Middle Eastern-inspired small plates.

Where is En Root located?

En Root is a popular vegan restaurant with multiple locations, including one at The Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill.

What kind of food does Sisterwoman serve?

Sisterwoman is a vegan restaurant located in Moko, a hi-fi bar in Tottenham, known for serving modern vegan soul food.

What type of dishes does Tendril offer?

Tendril is a vegan small-plates restaurant near Oxford Circus, known for its creative dishes and relaxing atmosphere.

Where can I find the best vegan restaurants in London?

London offers a wide range of vegan restaurants, including Naïfs, En Root, Sisterwoman, and Tendril, among others.

Are these vegan restaurants suitable for someone looking for plant-based dining options in London?

Yes, these vegan restaurants in London provide delicious plant-based dining options for vegans and those interested in exploring vegan cuisine.